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The commands used to control the settings and properties of the "Main Panel" and the "Tool Panel"

Fill Tools

To get the Properties of fill tools use the following code

tv_setactiveshape freehandfill "backup"
backup = result
PARSE backup function shape mode modeVAL vector vectorA vectorB vectorC vectorC aaliasing aaliasingVAL map_xbrush map_xbrushVAL map_xbrushz map_xbrushzVAL map_gradient map_gradientVAL 
map_xopacity map_xopacityVAL map_yopacity map_yopacityVAL opacity opacityVAL gap gapVAL expand expandVAL range rangeVAL src srcVAL autopickcolor autopickcolorVAL smooth smoothVAL 



Connection table

   Connection 	Val
   None 	N
   Speed 	S
   Direction 	D
   Orientation O
   Fade 	F
   Random 	R
   Pressure 	P
   Altitude 	T
   Azimuth 	A
   FingerWheel F1