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tv_Display "all"|"current"|("stencil" "ON"|"OFF")|("PixelInterpolation" value(1.0==100%))

Change the display mode for project layers. The mode argument may be equal to "ALL" or "CURRENT". If you use the "ALL" value, all layers will be displayed. If you use the "CURRENT" value, only the current layer will be displayed. This command returns the previous display mode (ALL or CURRENT).


Layer Attenuation

tv_display "layerattenuation" ["0"|"1"|"on"|"off"|"toggle"] ["value" 0...100]

Get Properties

tv_display "layerattenuation"

RETURN "layerattenuation" state ["on"|"off"] value[0...100]

Set State

tv_display "layerattenuation "0"|"1"|"on"|"off"|"toggle"

Set Value

tv_display "layerattenuation" "value" 0...100