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tv_LayerInfo id(optional)

Gives 10 informations about the layer with identifier id. This information includes the display, position, opacity, name, type, start, end, pre-lighttable, post-lighttable and selection. The display value indicates if the layer is displayed (ON) or masked (OFF). The position value is the position of the layer in the list (the first layer is at position 0). The opacity value indicates the global opacity of the layer (between 0 and 100). The name value contains the layer name. The type value indicates if the layer is an animation layer (SEQUENCE), an image layer (IMAGE) or a read only layer (VIDEO). The start and end values defined the first and last frame numbers on the global time-line. The pre and post lighttable values indicates if the light tablet is inactive (0) or active (non-zero value, max 7) for this layer. The selection value is 0 if the layer is not selected or 1 if selected.

The layer Id is optional if none is givin the info of the current layer is returned


tv_LayerInfo -> The opacity is a 0-255 value. (the SDK says 0-100)

Script Bits

PARSE result layerDisplay layerPosition layerOpacity layerName layerType layerStart layerEnd layerPrelighttable layerPostlighttable layerSelection