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George is a macro scripting language that can be used to control TVPaint. It is an "automatic pilot" that sends instructions such as "select this function", "use this color", "draw this", etc. . to TVPaint. Each instruction corresponds to an TVPaint function or icon. Everything takes place as though George was clicking the icon in the interface for you. Rather than clicking ten or twenty times on the same button yourself, simply ask George to do it for you.

You can simply use existing programs (i.e., scripts) or you can create your own. With George, you can create an infinite number of custom drawing functions and automate the use of TVPaint. Many example scripts are included with TVPaint and are stored in the George subdirectory.

George programs are basically plain ASCII text files. You can use any text editing program to create and edit them.

Suppose that you wanted to draw a glass ball. To do this, you would need to cutout a custom brush (for the reflective surface), set the parameters to apply this brush in a circle, draw filled circle (which will be filled with the brush), adjust opacity mapping parameters to obtain a reflection, select white and redraw the circle.

If you only had to do one of these balls, you could execute the operations manually. However, what if you needed 10 or 20 glass balls. It would likely get pretty tedious - this is where George comes in. With the proper program, all you have to do is to draw a circle to define the contours of the ball and George will do the rest for you.