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Getting to know TVP Animation

TVP Animation is a program compiled for graphic design and 2D animation. This program is intended for drawing and animation enthusiasts. With its bitmap approach, its goal is to cover the main needs of the artist. It offers a complete range of high-performance tools, the parameters of which may be set, whether for the layman or the professional artist and yet still offers the creative feeling provided by pen and paper.

TVP Animation is home studio.

Based on TVPaint technology, which is renowned worldwide since its success on the Amiga in 1991 and constantly upgraded for ever better performance, TVP Animation adapts to all production diagrams, whether traditional, fully digital or hybrid.

Designed to work in all resolutions, it will delight all drawing enthusiasts thanks to its tools which offer limitless possibilities. Your creations are only restricted by the boundaries of your imagination !

Typographic conventions

In order to simplify understanding of the techniques described, this user guide uses the following typographic conventions : - Italics : the names of menus, buttons, tabs, windows, commands, tools (all elements referring to one of the objects present in the program) are written in italics. - [key] : designates a keyboard shortcuts. - [key1+key2] : designates a key combination. Keep the first key pressed and then press the second key. - left click / right click (LMB, RMB) : these shortcuts refer to a click on the left or right mouse button. As you are advancing in this manual, you will encounter the following symbols: TIP A symbol representing a light bulb indicates tips and hints for using the program. Remark A symbol representing a warning sign emphasises information that requires particular attention and indicates an important comment. Reminder The reminder symbol characterises any information the explication of which was already given in the manual. Pro only All the features with this symbol imply that they are available only in