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Typographic conventions

In order to simplify understanding of the techniques described, this user guide uses the following typographic conventions :

- Italics : the names of menus, buttons, tabs, windows, commands, tools (all elements referring to one of the objects present in the program) are written in italics.

- [key] : designates a keyboard shortcuts.

- [key1+key2] : designates a key combination. Keep the first key pressed and then press the second key.

- left click / right click (LMB, RMB) : these shortcuts refer to a click on the left or right mouse button.

As you are advancing in this manual, you will encounter the following symbols:

-TIP (A symbol representing a light bulb indicates tips and hints for using the program.)

-Remark (A symbol representing a warning sign emphasises information that requires particular attention and indicates an important comment.)

-Reminder (The reminder symbol characterises any information the explication of which was already given in the manual.)

-Pro only (All the features with this symbol imply that they are available only in the Professional version.)