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  tv_LayerSelect start number

Makes a selection in the current layer. This selection starts with the start frame in the global time-line and is number frames long, the start frame being included in the selection. The start frame becomes the current image in the layer. This command returns the number of frames selected in the current layer. If the start position is before the beginning of the layer, the selection will only start at the beginning of the layer, but its length will be measured from the start position. This means that if you ask for a selection of 15 frames starting from position 0 in a layer that actually starts at position 5, only the first 10 frames in the layer will be selected. If the selection goes beyond the end of the layer, it will only include the frames between the start and end of the layer. No frames will be selected if the start position is beyond the end of the layer. Returns the selection size, in frames.