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tv_LoadBrushAnim file [start number] [mode] ["PRELOAD"] ["TIMESTRETCH"]

Loads an animbrush file. file is the complete path and filename of the brush, surrounded by double quotes. You can use the optional start and number arguments to load only part of the animbrush. You must use both of these two arguments, or neither of them in the command line. If they are missing, then the entire animbrush will be loaded. The start argument is the number of the first image to be loaded in the animbrush. (Warning! If the animbrush is composed of numbered images, this value is added to the number of the first image. For example, if you load an animbrush for which numbering starts at 10 and the start value is 5, you will start at image 15.) The number argument indicates the number of images to be loaded. The mode argument may be equal to "ODD" to double up odd fields, or "EVEN" to double up even fields or "FIXMOTION" to apply a video fix motion effect on the animbrush. And the "TIMESTRETCH" optional argument indicates whether time stretching should be used when the brush is loaded. And "PRELOAD" if you don't want to load completly the brush. This command returns the number of images loaded or -1 if an error occurred.